Does Dr. Asa Andrew Have a License to Practice?

YES. Asa Andrew, MD has a DC license in Good Standing in the state of Georgia. He has currently moved away from clinical practice and dedicated his efforts to full-time educational media with his best-selling books, television projects, nationally syndicated radio show, live events, and educational programs.

What happened to Dr. Asa Andrew in 2010?

There has been a misleading article written about Dr. Asa Andrew and his character on the web. This tabloid-style magazine involved much false information regarding Dr. Asa Andrew in the Nashville Scene. Here is the truth.

What is the Real Story About Dr. Asa Andrew in 2010?

While Dr. Asa Andrew was completing his medical training for his MD degree, his renowned integrated wellness clinic, began to endure some staffing challenges in 2010. Dr. Asa Andrew wasn't around much for several years due to his intense medical training schedule. Dr. Asa Andrew trusted some great people to run the clinical and business side of his company in his absence. However, Dr. Asa Andrew realized a valuable lesson during this time. As an effective leader, you can never take your hands completely off of your business. There was the developing of some unacceptable behavior within the company. In the best interest of the company, Dr. Asa Andrew and his team leaders had to make some tough decisions to terminate some people he cared very much for. These former team members became disgruntled and attempted to create some bad publicity within Nashville. They got the local health board and some federal investigators involved. The Department of Health then filed numerous false, assumptive charges. They were later learned to be unfounded and were ultimately dropped. Most health board investigations can typically never be completed without taking a “scalp”, as the attorneys stated. Therefore, the state seemingly wanted Dr. Asa Andrew to become the consummate example. With charges now eliminated from his record, and several meetings with the attorneys, he willingly offered to give back his DC license for the state of TN only. This was not a hard decision, as he was no longer planning on being a practicing DC in TN. With the growth of his radio and television career, his plans were to focus on media and move his company to Georgia and Florida.

The End Result?

His options were to fight the state, drag it out, and waste a lot of time, money, stress, and energy, or keep pursuing what he is called to do and continue helping people. With much counsel from prominent business leaders in his life and prayer, Dr. Asa Andrew took the high road and chose the latter.

Dr. Asa Andrew was now able to focus on the growth of his media company. Dr. Asa Andrew has grown to have an even greater impact on our country with the national expansion of his media company with over 2 million listeners every week. Major radio and television companies consistently have Dr. Asa Andrew on their shows as a health personality, and other major sponsors are involved in partnerships. Dr. Asa Andrew will continue reaching nationally with an even stronger message of hope and inspiration to encourage people to live a better lifestyle.

Why Did This Happen, You May Ask?

TN is known for its subtle disdain of natural –based health care. Many in the health board simply don’t like it, and they didn't like Dr. Asa Andrew’s common-sense approach to health. Even though an extended part of his family helped fund much of the building of the most prominent local Children’s Hospital in Nashville, it didn't help him on the political side. Interestingly enough, many alternative health care programs, actually teach their graduates to avoid practicing in TN, SC, or NY.

If you asked Dr. Asa Andrew today what he feels about the incident, he would tell you that it was a great learning experience, and has made him grow as an effective leader and person. He still, of course, loves his home state of TN.

To Clarify Dr. Asa Andrews Credentials

Dr. Asa Andrew still holds all of his national doctorates, degrees, certifications, and diplomats; he simply gave back his DC license in TN only. He didn’t lose anything. It was not revoked. He is still a physician. He is a doctor of medicine (MD), and doctor of naturopathic medicine (ND), a doctor of chiropractic (DC) and a Diplomat in Nutrition. He is still an upstanding professional member of all his organizations. Dr. Asa Andrew has always maintained a passion to use his education and years of clinical experience to improve people’s overall lifestyle. He takes his knowledge of traditional medicine, alternative medicine, nutrition, and fitness to bring a balanced, common - sense approach into his media company and ultimately to his listeners.

What about Dr. Asa Andrews supplement company?

The federal agencies fully investigated his nutrition company. Everything was found to be in proper order and no complaints were filed. It was found that his products are made by one of the most respected labs in the country by certifying agencies for quality and high standards. All nutritional supplements were found to be in compliance, have backed research articles, and were all cGMP certified and approved. All claims made were proven to be false.

What about Dr. Asa Andrew's Medical Degree (MD)? Is it Legitimate?

Dr. Asa Andrew and his medical degree graduated from a World Health Organization (WHO) approved University with American physicians as his professors. He did his basic medical sciences in the Caribbean and then completed all of his hospital training in the United States by University approved hospitals. Dr. Asa Andrew was trained by some of the most highly regarded and respected physicians in our American medical system. He also received various honors in his training for excellence. He is a MD. He has completed all requirements to be called a medical doctor and has earned his degree. By choice, Dr. Asa Andrew did not complete a specialty residency… yet. Therefore, he does not have a medical license to write prescriptions. He does, however, have the authority to teach and educate the public on all matters of health with this medical degree in a wide format including medical research, nutrition, fitness, and overall lifestyle.
*There are many physicians practicing in TN that graduated from his same medical university.

Where is Dr. Asa today?

Dr. Asa Andrew and his companies are based in Florida and Georgia and they growing every day. Dr. Asa Andrew is focused on growing his national educational media platform through his daily four-hour LIVE radio show, television projects, teaching series, best-selling books, and upcoming Lifestyle Centers. He has also developed partnerships with physicians and practitioners around the country that provide quality health care with integrity. You visit his website at

Want some testimonials?

Below are just a few stories of thousands of lives that have been changed by Dr. Asa Andrew’s teaching, staff practitioners, and his overall clinical expertise in their lives.